Periodically we bring you a roundup of posts from our blog that we think you’ll find interesting, informative, and entertaining–even if they’re written by an engineer.

Post Sandy Mold Inspectors and Remediators – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? (Free Download)

“ABC News issued a Consumer report about mold inspectors who are ripping off building owners along the east coast. During the interviews, Dr. Richard Shaughnessy, Ph.D. gave great tips on what to do to protect yourself (and your building). Dr. Shaughnessy is who I looked  to in 2001 when I decided to enter the mold inspection/consulting field. Poor performance may not come to light until your building has been ruined.”

Building Commissioning – Making Sure Buildings Perform as Intended

“Building Commissioning (Cx) is an extremely interesting (at least to those who design, build, own, test and operate buildings and building systems) and relatively new field in the not-so-new age of enhanced building performance. So, what is building commissioning? What is it? In short, Building Commissioning is a way of measuring and verifying that a building (or just one building system) performs as the Owner intended.”

How Handwashing Can Save Lives – Rotary Initiative

“I am proud to say I helped organize a mission for Rotary Club of Baton Rouge to Belize as part of Rotary International’s efforts to save lives, improve environmental conditions and overall quality of life. It’s part of my personal and corporate commitment to put service above self. An inexpensive, easy way to combat disease is to increase awareness to the importance of handwashing and provide access to potable water.”

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