I ran across some good information from ready.gov and OSHA on coronavirus (COVID-19) preparation and for people who run a business and need to know about relevant OSHA standards.

Great information on coronavirus pandemic preparation, as well as good information for employers who are wondering how the coronavirus can present worker protection and OSHA problems. Let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t get more serious and there’s more successful treatment and recovery. 

It’s good to be prepared and to have equipment that will protect you and your employees. But there are limitations for N-95 masks and respirators. And there are things employers must do (like training and medical evaluations) before handing out gloves, N-95 masks, or other respirators.

Ready.gov Pandemic Website

OSHA Covid-19 (coronavirus) information

The Ready.gov website gives information that’s useful in case of any pandemic, not just coronavirus. Good information on how to prepare and how to help friends and family.

The OSHA website has great information on relevant OSHA standards, particularly when it comes to eye and face protection, masks and respirators, gloves, training, and reporting requirements.

Believe it or not, coronavirus might be a recordable if one of your employees becomes infected with coronavirus while at work. So be prepared to update your OSHA 300 log when the dust settles. 



Here’s a link to the Indoor Environmental Quality Podcast Episode 8 where I cover Ready.gov and OSHA information on coronavirus.

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