We’re happy to announce the launch of the Indoor Environmental Quality Podcast. We released Episode 1 on 9/20/19.

After the recent floods, tropical storms, and hurricanes, we thought it would be a good idea to share tips through our blog and also through podcasting. This allows you or someone you know to listen on the go.

The Indoor Environmental Quality Podcast covers typical indoor environmental quality topics like asbestos, mold, indoor air quality, smells, and even light and noise. We also cover topics like environmental cleanup and recovery after disasters, how to find the right environmental response contractor, and give real world tips on how to solve problems. Or better yet, prevent some of these problems altogether.


The Indoor Environmental Quality Podcast is available in iTunes (if you’re still running the old school iTunes application!), Apple Podcasts app, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and Spotify.

 Here are links to Indoor Environmental Quality Podcast Episodes 1-4:

 Episode 1 – Avoiding Environmental and Safety Problems During Disaster Response

 Episode 2 – Selecting an Environmental Response Contractor

 Episode 3 – Ordinary Mold vs. Extraordinary Mold

 Episode 4 – Should You Pull Up That Carpet?

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