Matt Risinger Interviews Wynn White

While attending this summer’s Building Science Corporation Summer Camp, Matt Risinger interviewed Wynn about mold.

For those of you who don’t know Matt, he’s a custom builder from Austin, and his projects range from complex renovations to custom building. His project approach is simple – do it right, the first time, with the right materials. He’s fun to hang around with and has some terrific videos and blog posts on different construction topics. He’s also man enough to admit he uses FlexSeal.
One of the great things about Summer Camp is the after hours networking and just generally hanging out. Matt spends a good bit of time interviewing different attendees, getting the message out about important building science concepts. And he shares these videos for free.
So anyway, he had Wynn on to talk about mold about mold remediation, but most importantly, how to avoid mold and indoor air quality problems in the first place.

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Stay dry, my friends.