We help keep your patients, operating rooms, labs, and employees healthier and more productive.

Surgery is the cash register of a hospital. We provide solutions that allow operating rooms to stay open while mitigation or abatement is conducted.

One of our clients in the health care industry required asbestos abatement in its Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Normally this type of work would require loss of ICU space for an extended period and also disturbance of ICU patients and staff. Discretion was key, and is part of the way we work.

Our team provided rapid abatement project execution including air monitoring and contractor observation to ensure timely completion of the project with minimal impact on the unit, its patients, and staff. It is what we do best – efficient work that provides a safer, better environment for all those who occupy a facility.

Another client had a moisture problem in their facility that was causing mold growth. Not ordinary mold growth, because it exists naturally everywhere, but extraordinary mold which can lead to absences due to respiratory illness and can also create a loss in productivity of 17% according to the EPA.

According to the World Health Organization, 40% of all buildings pose serious health hazards because of poor indoor air quality.

Our solution was simple – test, remediate, and verify to eliminate the source of the mold problem. By designing changes to the HVAC system and ridding the facility of excess moisture, our team was able to create a safer work environment efficiently and effectively.

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