Reducing Energy Costs


Going green saves money.

Learn energy cutting measures in existing buildings without shooting yourself in the foot. Often you’ll pick low hanging fruit energy conservation measures (like shutting off the outside air dampers) and then wonder why you have odor problems. You’ll wonder if other problems will pop up too. Well, you can stop wondering because this workshop will show you just what you need to do to pick energy conservation measures and drive it home with great impact.

Learn how to engage everyone from the custodian to the CEO on care of your buildings. Often you’ll implement these energy and environmental programs without the buy-in from your own staff. This is your chance to learn from someone who knows how to get the staff to self enlist into the program.

Learn how to avoid the top 3 HVAC glitches in buildings: Most of us know when the HVAC isn’t heating or cooling-but do we know when the system isn’t protecting our building’s environment? You’ll learn to avoid these issues that cost you serious money.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve found that some engineers shoot the moon, giving me recommendations that feel from a non-engineer that are out of left field. But WLWCEI is grounded–their recommendations make sense and their ability to communicate clearly and act as a resource by educating us sets them apart. I trust WLWCEI because I need an expert, not just a transfer of risk.” – Tim Barrett, Director of Finance