Building and Operating Green


From energy modeling to steps ensuring the building operates within projected standards, you will learn everything you need to know to truly operate green.

Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers, Inc. has been in the Green Building field for over 20 years. Back then no one called environmentally responsible design, construction, and renovation “Green Building”. We have worked on hundreds of projects that improve the environment through enhanced air quality, water quality, and by helping identify and characterize construction waste.

Building green is the right thing to do when done correctly.

But, some “green” buildings aren’t as green as they seem – and some even cost building owners and operators more money to operate than conventionally constructed buildings.

In this course, taught by a LEED AP, you will learn how all the puzzle pieces fit – allowing for green building that’s truly green from designing the project to handing over the keys to the owner.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Before attending the training, I was skeptical of another ‘Building Green’ workshop that wouldn’t give me meaningful and useful tools. I almost blew it off – I’m glad I didn’t! I absolutely recommend this program to any building professional.” – Ralph Lidell, AIA