Industrial Hygiene and Safety


Safety is our number one priority. Is yours?

Safety is our number one priority. Is yours?

With today’s ultra competitive marketplace, owners and contractors need to concentrate on core business functions.

Excellence in safety and environmental compliance are paramount and we provide services to keep our customers and their employees safe.

We offer Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and Compliance Programs for all facets of the commercial and industrial markets.

We specialize in providing assistance for peak demand conditions such as turnarounds and outages.


How much does it cost to shut down a working vessel or pipeline to allow it to cool before a turn-around? What if you could save the time (and money) with Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers’ proprietary method of removing asbestos without shutting down a vessel or pipeline?

Keep production running and save money.

Can your specialty or maintenance contractor remove insulation, including asbestos, on working vessels and pipelines?

They can–if they use our proprietary process.

Imagine using your own crew. Doing the work safely, timely, and cost effectively without stopping production. That means you can continue to operate without losing valuable product and revenue. With our elite team of asbestos abatement trainers combined with accredited asbestos abatement designers (and registered professional engineers) with over 20 years experience, and your own crew, you won’t have to wait for vessels and pipelines to cool.

How long does it take for a vessel to cool? What does that cost you in terms of lost product, lost production, lost time, and environmental emissions?

Contact us to see if your process qualifies for our proprietary system.

A Summary of Other Services is Listed Below

  • >Safety Program Development,
    Implementation and Management


  • >Industrial Hygiene and Exposure Monitoring


  • >Project Safety Planning


  •  >Asbestos Testing and Abatement


  •  >Fume Monitoring


  • >Fungi & Bacteria Testing and Abatement


  •  >Contractor Safety Management


  •  >Lead Testing and Abatement


  •   >Safety Management Audits


  •  >MVOC Testing and Abatement


  •  >Incident Tracking and Analysis


  •  >Noise Monitoring


  •  >Hazard Analysis


  •  >Silica Monitoring


  •  >Confined Space Entry Attendants


  •  >VOC Testing and Abatement


  •  >Work Permitting


  •  >Initial and Periodic Air Monitoring Assessments


  •  >Compliance Programs and Assistance


  •  >On-Site Asbestos and Lead Training


  •  >Safety Training


Contact us for tailor-made solutions on projects big and small.