Don't be a victim of poor design and building defects.

Don’t be a victim of poor design and building defects.

A hotel owner’s worst nightmare can be battling an indoor air quality problems such as excess moisture that leads to mold growth.

Guests complain of foul odors, coughing, and word spreads quickly that a particular hotel doesn’t have a clean feel to it.

Some hotels choose to simply paint over mold growth hoping that the smell of fresh paint and cleaning products will cover up the foul odor each time they turn the room over.

One of our clients in New Orleans owns a large downtown high rise hotel that had severe mold and moisture problems.

They tried relentlessly to fix the problem time and time again with no resolution. The hotel was hemorrhaging money due to word getting out that the hotel was chalk full of mold.

Our team was called because the owners knew that we are the experts professionals call when a problem seems unsolvable. We conducted a complete mold and moisture assessment, recommendations for remediation, HVAC improvements, and finally mold remediation design and consulting.

Now the hotel is thriving and free of mold and excess moisture problems using our methods to eliminate the problem and keep it from ever coming back.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you hotel’s name from being tarnished by unhappy guests and even make your building operate more efficiently in the process with lower heating and cooling bills. Remediation can pay for itself over time when done correctly.