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Our clients are facility managers at schools, petrochemical plants, hotels, and hospitals who want to protect their people and profits.

Our clients are facility managers at schools, petrochemical plants, hotels, and hospitals who want to protect their people and profits.

Our clients are facility managers at schools, petrochemical plants, hotels, and hospitals who want to protect their people and profits. They want to work more effectively, reduce time spent on non-revenue generating maintenance and low-paying tasks and protect everyone who enters their facilities. They want employees who are motivated, innovative and provide excellent service to their occupants. In short, they want their facilities to be a great place to work.

Our clients have established themselves as successful, knowledgeable facility managers who care about their occupants and provide excellent service. Because they strive for excellence, they’re always seeking to improve their systems and services and enhance the value they provide to occupants.

As they provide greater value to their occupants, they increase occupant morale and increase productivity. By streamlining systems and boosting productivity, they build stronger relationships with occupants and employees, which boosts morale and increases employee retention.

Regardless of the specific results they’d like to achieve, what our clients have in common is that they’re all seeking to break free of the restraints on their current lives and practices, and build something more productive and more enjoyable.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re working harder and harder but don’t feel you’re making any real progress. You and your employees are wasting precious productive hours on low value tasks. Strategies and procedures that worked in the beginning have become outdated or inefficient over time. Occupants don’t understand the value of the services you’re providing, balk at your recommendations or fail to operate the systems properly, creating more facility problems.

You’ve got a recurring mold problem and want to clean it up AND prevent it from coming back. You’re no longer interested in trial and error “fixes” or hearing “we’ve never had this happen before”. You want the complaints and grousing to go away. You can’t compete with the rumors and misinformation. You don’t know how to demonstrate to occupants that you have their best interests at heart.

You’ve got a turn-around coming up on a unit that generates $1,000,000 per day revenue and you don’t know how to remove the asbestos while keeping the unit operating. You know you can shut the unit down and remove the asbestos before the turn-around but don’t know how to perform “hot removal”. You’re starting to feel like going to work is more of a chore than a challenge.

Your pre-turn-around asbestos operations feel ‘haphazard.’ You rely on the practices developed by your specialty contractor whose bottom line isn’t affected by the length of time your operating unit is shut down. 

You haven’t had time or don’t know how to remove asbestos on an operating unit while protecting people and the environment.

You can’t keep up with all of the demands of managing an operation and monitoring EPA/OSHA regulations. You’re concerned that things might slip through the cracks.

All of these things are wasting your valuable time, money and other resources.

They’re draining your energy, your inspiration, your enthusiasm and your motivation. They’re destroying morale, and negatively effecting employee retention and occupant loyalty.

If any of these sound like you, we can help you with solutions.

We offer services in public and private sectors including PetroChem, Hotels, Healthcare, Schools, Government, Commercial, Contractors, and Specialty Contractors.

We offer a wide range of services from building forensics to industrial hygiene to water system design.

We also offer indoor air quality assessments and solutionsenvironmental engineering servicesLEED commissioningexpert witness services, and speak at functions.

Contact us so your project is completed properly and efficiently, leaving you with the peace of mind you deserve.