Spring Training is Here – Mold Problems & Major League Baseball Will Soon Follow

Mold problems and Major League Baseball are coming back! Major League Baseball teams will start Spring Training workouts this week. If you’ve read The World’s Most Interesting Engineer, you know I have two recurring themes when I write about mold. The first is recurrence. Mold problems often return if we only clean up the mold and do not correct what caused the original mold problem. The second is that most of our calls for mold related issues occur during the period that runs between Major League Baseball (MLB) Opening Day and the end of the World Series.
Before I go any further, I have to pat myself on the back a little. I predicted the Cubs would win the World Series. Not long into the season, the Cubs’ chances suffered a setback when Kyle Schwarber blew out his knee in Anaheim – a season ending injury. By all accounts, he would only return in 2017. I told my son that Schwarber would return for the World Series, and he’d hit the Series clinching home run. Well, I was wrong on the home run part, but didn’t do too bad otherwise. Too bad I’m not a gambler. World Series Game 7 notwithstanding, it was a lot of fun to watch the Cubs dominate all of baseball last year.

I can hear Harry Caray with the call – Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

In some ways I still can’t believe it happened

We’ve had some very cold weather here, but lately it’s been much warmer. Soon we’ll resume Daylight Savings Time, which means longer days. My son’s baseball team has started practicing, so we’ll be at the ballpark quite a bit. Gives me an excuse to buy sunflower seeds. I also switched Cubs hats:

I also said this hat would barely make it through the 2016 season. I was right. I was wearing this hat when the Cubs won. It’s permanently retired.

So I upgraded:

One of the most beautiful baseball hats ever made

Back to the work related topic. Most clients report mold and moisture problems during baseball season, beginning around Opening Day, and ending when the World Series is over.
Do you want this lurking behind your walls?

Mold season runs about the same time as baseball season

That’s not to say that mold and moisture problems don’t occur during other times of the year- but that seems to be the time period during which the mold and moisture problems are really noticeable.
Remember that mold problems go hand in hand with moisture issues. If you don’t find the moisture source and correct the problem, you may get to play a mold remediation double header. The late, great Mr. Cub Ernie Banks was known for saying, “Let’s play two!”, but I’m pretty sure no one wants to repeat mold remediation. That involves more aggravation, time, and money.

I’m glad baseball season comes back – but Owners don’t want mold to return. Did I mention the Cubs won last year?

And once temperatures start rising this Spring and Summer, lowering the thermostat only exacerbates moisture and mold problems (not to mention increasing your energy bills!).
There are simple ways to cut costs and help the environment.

Hopefully going green for you means energy efficiency & savings, not turning your buildings green

Now would be a good time to look at how you manage mold and moisture issues- instead of letting those problems manage you. I know it seems early – but it may be a good idea for you to have your own Spring Training.  Make sure you’re taking a proactive approach to your mold and moisture problems. Maybe you’ll avoid the problems altogether and you’ll have more time to listen, watch, or even go to more baseball games!
Remember, if you need help:
Wynn's a good guy to have around if you like corny jokes and want to solve mold problems

Wynn’s a good guy to have around if you like corny jokes and want to solve mold problems

I don’t often take pictures of pictures, but when I do, it’s this guy.

If I can help, or if you are a Cubs fan like me and want to bask in the glory of last year’s World Series win, give me a call or send me an email at cwhite@wynnwhite.com
I hope you have a great Spring and Summer. And most importantly, I hope the Chicago Cubs win the World Series – AGAIN.
Stay moldy, my friends.