Our Story

Wynn L. White Consulting Engineers is a broad-based environmental and engineering consulting firm founded in 1987.

From water systems to petrochemical, we provide tailored solutions for all of our clients.

From water systems to petrochemical, we provide tailored solutions for all of our clients.

Located in Baton Rouge, LA, we provide professional engineering, environmental, health, and safety consulting services in the public and private sectors.

Our focus is to work with organizations that want to protect their employees and with managers who want to cut environmental and safety costs.

We offer services and capabilities to lower owners’ risks through effective management of environmental, health, and safety exposures. Our main objective is to provide professional services which will allow our customers to concentrate on their core business functions.

Our firm typically manages projects from defining problems, solutions, and project goals to monitoring of construction until completion.

Multidisciplinary building science principles solve problems.

We prepare plans and specifications, assist the owner in obtaining construction bids, and manage the contractor monitoring/observation.

One of our largest forensic projects included determining the cause of moisture and mold in a multistory hotel.

The work included coordinating the project team and providing liaison to the owner. Disciplines included civil, environmental and mechanical engineering; operating engineers; and testing and balancing personnel. The field work included wall and ceiling moisture assessment, bore scoping interstitial spaces, window installation investigation, cladding system evaluation, HVAC system evaluation (differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity) and mapping the data. Moisture control in building experience consists of analyzing forensic data, reviewing HVAC test and balance reports, and providing recommendations for corrections. Subsequent work included providing expert testimony.

Our expert witness philosophy is that we are a friend of the court. Our job is to give an engineering opinion that will help the trier of fact reach a reasonable decision (we tell it like it is, not necessarily like our client might wish it).

Our firm is a pioneer in Louisiana’s asbestos┬áconsulting industry.

Our firm completed more school system asbestos inspections and management plans by the original deadline than any other firm.

Our asbestos work carried us from mostly commercial buildings to the petrochemical sector. We help schools, commercial, and petrochemical facilities manage and mitigate asbestos, mold, lead, hexavalent chromium, silica, and noise.

In addition to that, the firm is an accredited training organization and has trained professionals throughout the USA:

Baton Rouge, LA Shreveport, LA Las Vegas, NV Little Rock, AR
Lake Charles, LA Alexandria, LA Phoenix, AZ Orlando, FL
New Orleans, LA Washington, D.C. Jackson, MS Nashville, TN
New York, NY Atlanta, GA Indianapolis, IN Miami, FL
Houston, TX Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX Cherry Hills, NJ
Minneapolis, MN Chicago, IL Austin, TX Lafayette, LA

Our firm is active in several trade organizations.

Wynn is a past member of National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS) Committee on Preparation of Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Manual for Building Owners and NIBS Committee on preparation of Lead Specifications for Building Owners, Past Chairman of Louisiana Conference on Water Supply, Sewage and Industrial Waste, Inc., Past President of the Alexandria Chapter of the Louisiana Engineering Society, Past President of the Baton Rouge Chapter of the American Consulting Engineers Council, and is currently a member of ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality, Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences, Committee E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action, & Committee E58 on Forensic Engineering

Our firm publishes newsletters, articles, and blog posts to help our clients.

Examples include: “Reducing Real Estate Environmental Risks,” “The Right Stuff: Meeting The Chemical Accident Prevention Program Requirements,” “Reduce Real Estate Environmental Risks Without Driving Yourself Crazy,” “Are We Under Attack from Toxic Mold?,” and “Engineer: UV for mold? No. UV for IAQ? Maybe.”

Think Service Above Self

On a civic note, our firm donates time to Junior Achievement, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Treatment Center, and Rotary International.

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